Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's like a kid waiting for Christmas!!!!

I ordered MFW last week and here I sit, excited as can be , for our box to come in.   I can not wait to get started learning about the different cultures of different countries this year.   So many neat activities and plans to make for parties with our home school friends.   Our first party - FIESTA - in week 3 and 4, I think, we will be studying Mexico , and we will be making all sorts of Mexican crafts and foods and at the end of our study we will hold a fiesta for our home school group.   Since we did Sonlight the first 3 weeks and just ordered MFW we are in limbo.   We are still doing our LA and math and Latin and Astronomy but being without our core I feel naked.   The core is always our favorite part of our day and it feels odd doing everything else we are doing,   

What else are we doing this year?
CLE Math 2 for Hannah

Teaching Textbooks Math 5 for Christopher

Our science is Apologia Astronomy

Prima Latina for Latin

Growing with Grammar f

Learning cursive with A Reason for Handwriting

I think that about covers it.    

So, while I wait for MFW stuff to come in we are keeping plenty busy.   I will continue to patiently wait for our core to come in, excited as a kid at Christmas time.  


  1. I know it is frustrating, but so wonderful that as Homeschoolers we have that option when something is not working for us. I am excited for our first day too, next week. :) I hope we don't have to make any curric changes though. That might just make me cry!

  2. I know the feeling -- couldn't wait for my MFW box either and had so much fun "exploring" everything once it did come. Happy Homeschooling!