Thursday, August 25, 2011

It has ARRIVED....much to my surprise EARLIER than expected

I have to admit since we sent SL back and ordered MFW I was depressed.   Not because of my decision but because I had to WAIT.  I don't wait nicely.  I get anxious, depressed - really the Lord needs to help me here sometimes.  Last night I was talking to my sweet husband around 8 PM saying I was excited that MFW had been ordered and shipped and was wondering when it would arrive.   Thinking to myself....I ordered it on Friday,  it will probably arrive some 10 days later or so.  At least that is what the MFW website says, 7-10 days and we are always at the tail end if not past the end day.   So, it was 8 pm last night and I was in a funk because I wanted our books and wanted to get started....did I say I hate waiting?   I ordered it Friday and here it was Wednesday and I just knew it would be a few more days, probably past the weekend.     Bummed.

Shawn went out at 9 PM to put our hens up.   He comes in a few minutes later with a BOX.  I asked him, " What did you order now?".   He said, " nothing."   What??? Could it be?? Naaaaa....but what else could it be?  It was MY FATHERS WORLD.   It was here!!!!!   I screamed for the kids who were already dressed and cleaned up for bed and in bed quietly reading.   Everyone was so excited!   It was better than Christmas morning around here!  

This weekend I will purchase our supplies for the first 2 weeks.....we start Monday!


  1. What fun -- I can identify with "not waiting nicely" -- still learning patience on this end!
    So happy it arrived early -- you're going to enjoy using!
    Hope you have a great start next week!

  2. Tag! You're It!