Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Most Important Message

 I have to really wonder about this world we live in.

 I heard through the news that 2 billion people were estimated in watching the Royal Wedding.  2 BILLION?   Let me just say we are not part of that number because I honestly could care less about it.  There are many more important issues in this world to think about and there are my kids who I would rather pay attention to than a Royal Wedding.   I wish them many years of happiness but I do not see what all the hype is about.  It just seems that 2 BILLION ....well.....I will continue.

Then there are Super Bowls, World Series and other big hype sports events, and let's not forget politics  Again, I do not participate in watching them because I do not give a flying hoot.   I don't even know which title goes with each game.  My husband may care, but even so not very much. 

From what I have seen more people care what is going on in sports and on TV than attend church every Sunday morning.   I personally find that extremely worrisome and don;t understand.   I guess we are the ones who are different.  Our lives are centered around what we find important, Jesus and what He did for us, in reading the Word and loving one another.  

Even our Pastor, Patrick Payton, said in this city of ,100,000 people, 75,000 don't attend church and out of that number most have not heard the message or read a bible.   
I am proud to say I am in the minority of this world.  I may not be perfect, I sin but I am saved by HIS grace.

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