Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Round 2

Here I am again trying this blogging thing.  We started last year and got into it about a month before Shawn had his accident that left him on disability for 6 months and as an ever constant extra person to take care of  my heart just wasn't into blogging our daily home school activities. 

Tomorrow, April 28, is our last day of this school year.  Hannah will be entering 2nd grade next year and Christopher will be entering 3rd.  This year has been wonderful and for our first year home schooling went better than expected.   Kids, and I, have learned so much and I truly enjoyed learning American History all over again.  We loved all our projects, our lessons and even math was successful for both kids.  Hannah had me a bit worried more than once but all I could do was pray she would "get" it and sure enough she has pulled through.   Amazingly that girl can be lost on every single lesson and still ace her tests.  She's just different.  

My Fathers World, was a big hit this year and we look forward to returning to it maybe in another year.   The next level of MFW, Exploring Countries and Cultures seemed a little advanced for Hannah so for this next year we ordered Sonlight. , where we will be starting with Introduction to World History.  We already have received our books for the next year and they look exceptional.   Mom already started reading them in order to be prepared for our lessons starting in August.   We are doing Cores B and C, Hannah will continue on to Sazon Math 3 and Christopher is going into Teaching Textbooks 5.

Sonlight is more literature based than MFW was and as much as the kids love to read I think it will be a blessing to us.

More to come tomorrow as we start our last day of school with a breakfast at IHOP.

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